There is a common misconception that healthy eating is a form of “dieting”. Why good lifestyle and attitude to food equals deprivation? In this short material we will introduce our point of view.

Healthy eating is subject to personal interpretation. Each person is different, every taste is different. It is important to find balance, moderation and diversity. The point is not to declare to the whole world (or just on Facebook) that we eat healthy. It is not enough to take a picture of the quinoa bowl and upload it to Instagram, if you then we intend to raid the chip package. The healthy lifestyle it should not be “for” and “before” others, but to accept it as care and love to themselves.

Food should bring us satisfaction, help us to we feel better. Healthy eating is not measured by counting calories for a week, and with a lasting change in our perception to food. If you feel deprivation and frustration – do something Incorrect. Stop. Don’t fall for certain trends or products, because someone else is doing it. Choose what matches best with your lifestyle and taste preferences. Look for information, do research, experiment with different products and recipes.

This philosophy towards nutrition inspired us to create the protein Active Choice bars. They are not part of your diet or something to try once a month. They are not just for a particular group of people or another trend. The main goal was to create a product that is delicious, with quality ingredients and in good cuts (you already know what we think about deprivation and small portions). The three series of protein bars (Pro, Diet and Taste) provide a variety of flavors and nutritional characteristics.

A positive attitude towards food is a step towards a healthy lifestyle belly. Understand your body’s needs, what you find tasty and what products you can use. Get inspired. Dare to live Okay.