Loyalty program for customers who order from our
online store Activechoice.eu
, starting in April 2021. Since the company’s inception, we have been putting customers first. We are constantly striving to offer them better products and better conditions and opportunities for their shopping experience. The first step was the creation of our online store where consumers can order Active Choice protein products directly from us – their manufacturer. In this way we provide them with the best value for money.


How you can join our Loyalty Programme

Now we are taking a second step, in appreciation of our loyal customers who choose Active Chocie products. We are launching our Loyalty Program, which entitles you to special discounts in our online store Activechoice.eu. Enrolment is automatic and the customer must meet two conditions. The first is to be a registered user in our online store or to order from the same email address. The second – to accumulate orders for a total value of at least BGN 500. It does not matter how many orders will reach this value – once this happens, the customer automatically becomes part of our Loyalty Program and receives a discount.

We also have a nice surprise for our already regular customers: we will count all orders placed in our online store since June 2020, which means they are directly included in our Loyalty Program!


What discounts the programme provides

The discount provided by the Loyalty Program is dynamic and increases as the total value of orders increases. Thus, for a total value of more than 500 BGN the customer receives a discount of 5% for each subsequent order in our online store. For orders with a total value of more than 750 BGN the discount is 7.5%. For orders over 1000 BGN the discount is 10%. For orders with a total value of over 1500 BGN the discount is 15%. The discount is automatically added to the cart.

The discount provided by the Loyalty Program applies to all products in our online store, except those that are currently discounted at the time of order, and cannot be combined with other promo codes.
More details about our Loyalty Program can be found HERE
. Thanks again to our loyal customers! We wish you even more enjoyable shopping in our online store and even more delicious moments with Active Choice protein bars, creams and shakes! Check out all our healthy food suggestions!