Taste is one of the biggest advantages of Active Choice protein products and it’s no coincidence – we produce them so that we ourselves enjoy eating them. This applies to the protein bars from our three DIET, TASTE and PRO series, as well as to the four flavours of protein cream
. All of our products are created from proprietary recipes that have been developed over years – and we continue to improve them constantly.

Taste, however, is far from everything we are proud of. We are happy to be able to offer you protein products that feature unique benefits so that they are as beneficial as possible to both your health and the goals you are pursuing. We’ve selected 5 of the many reasons why you should choose Active Choice products as the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle:


1. Low effect on blood sugar (insulin response)

Active Choice products have a low effect on blood sugar, which makes them extremely dietary, and the PRO series is also suitable for ketone diets. Each food has its own glycemic index (effect on blood sugar). Regular consumption of foods with a high glycemic index leads to obesity, diabetes and a host of other health problems. As people who care about their overall health, we at Active Choice had to choose our ingredients to achieve something extremely difficult: creating foods with a low glycemic index. We did it!


2. Active Choice protein products are extremely filling

Our products are designed to help you replace a meal or make it easier when you’re on the go, so you always have a healthy dessert on hand. Many of the competing products cause starvation because of the combination of ingredients. In contrast, Active Choice products are specifically designed to reduce hunger.


3. One of the highest levels of fiber per serving

Fibre, a ballast substance found in plant products, plays a key role in our nutrition and health. They are extremely beneficial for:

  • Digestive function and the gastrointestinal system in general.
  • Blood sugar control
  • Have a satiating effect

Active Choice products contain a high percentage of fibre so you can make the most of their beneficial effects on the body


4. Low levels of polyols

Polyols are a group of sweeteners that are used in many dietary foods. However, a high level of polyols can lead to gas, gargling, a laxative effect and even to hunger. Many of the protein products on the market have over 20% polyols. All Active Choice products contain less than 10% polyols.


5. Active Choice protein products are always without added sugar

The sugars contained in our products are only from naturally occurring sugars in fruits and lactose in dairy raw materials. No added sugar, harmful sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or GMOs.