Protein bars
Active Choice PRO Series
are distinguished by the highest protein content combined with the lowest carbohydrate content.  We created them with people with strict diets in mind, usually active athletes with specific goals, but without limiting ourselves to them – everyone can benefit from their undeniable advantages for good health and fitness.

The focus in the PRO series is not so much taste as functionality. However, the bars are pleasant, with a slight sweetness and rich nutty flavour, because it is important to us that you eat our products with pleasure, without having to make unnecessary compromises for the sake of the health benefits.

The benefits of Active Choice protein bars PRO

  • 34-35% total protein content of combined origin

Active Choice PRO series protein bars contain nut protein, whey concentrate, calcium caseinate (casein) and whey hydrolysate. The combination used in these bars is as rich in amino acids as possible and mixes slow with fast digesting protein.

  • High 16% total fibre content

These are added pre-biotic fiber and fiber from the nuts that help keep the glycemic index of the bars low. Thus, the PRO series has a minimal effect on blood sugar.

  • No added sugar

They contain only 2 g of total sugars per bar, which come from the natural sugar content of the nuts and the lactose in the protein powder.

  • Low glycaemic index and low net* carbohydrate (about 6-7 g per bar)

This makes thePRO series extremely suitable for low-carb diets and even keto diets.

  • Low levels of polyols

Polyols are a group of sweeteners that are used in many dietary foods. However, a high level of polyols can lead to gas, gargling, a laxative effect and even hunger. Many of the protein products on the market have over 20% polyols. Active Choice products always have less than 10% polyols, while thePRO series has only 5%.

The two flavours in the PRO series

In order to provide you not only with high functionality, but also an appetizing delight, we have created two variants of the PRO series protein bars. The Bar
Active Choice Nougat
is flavoured with sunflower tahini – a favourite Bulgarian dessert we have known since childhood. We’ve given it a new twist in the form of a high-protein bar that features:

  • 34% high quality protein
  • 10.4 g fibre
  • Rich taste of sunflower tahini
Active Choice Nougat Protein Bars
Discover your favourite sunflower tahini flavour in Active Choice Nougat protein bars

If nougat isn’t one of your favorites, we have an option for you: the Active Choice Peanut butter. We know that peanut butter has been gaining popularity and becoming more and more of a favourite in recent years, so we went for it for the other flavour in the PRO range. In each bar you get:

  • 35% high quality protein
  • 11.2 g fibre
  • Real peanut butter
Active Choice Peanut butter protein bars
Rich peanut butter flavor and 35% protein await you in Active Choice Peanut butter protein bars

The PRO Series Protein Bars are technically the most functional of our portfolio and are favorites of all trainers and professionals who work with them. Try them and we are sure you will be satisfied!


*net carbs – only those that have an effect on blood sugar. They are calculated as follows:

total carbohydrate content – fibre – sugar alcohols = net carbohydrate