Active Choice protein bars, which we produce in our own factory in Veliko Tarnovo, are not just products for us. They are the embodiment of our personal relationship to food and healthy living. Each recipe is created after long research, many trials and continuous improvements. Today we can safely say that Active Choice protein bars are better than most on the market. We are proud to offer you such high quality and precisely balanced products.

What are the protein bars on the market?

Many of the protein bars available on the market are simply wafers with added protein. That is, they have almost as much sugar and fat as regular waffles or candy bars, which automatically excludes them from the category of healthy desserts.
You can also find bars that are a step above the former – these are the sugar-free protein bars. However, they use many harmful sweeteners such as sucralose, acesulfame k, fructose, etc. Most of those in this category also use hydrogenated fats, which are extremely harmful to the cardiovascular system.
The next category are bars that contain protein, have no harmful sweeteners and do not include hydrogenated fats in their composition. However, they are very few and usually quite expensive – besides, they are not very tasty.

How are Active Choice protein bars different?

At Active Choice, we manufacture our protein bars to an even higher standard than the categories listed above. In addition to being free of harmful sweeteners, hydrogenated fats and GMOs, our bars are made with a nut base and have added pre-biotic fiber. The final emphasis: we don’t compromise on taste, because our main principle is to enjoy eating them ourselves!

We are proud of the direction we have chosen and the products we offer. Globally, there are very few companies that produce high-protein, low-fibre, low-carbohydrate bars with no added sugar and based on nuts and dried fruits. We are happy that, thanks to Active Choice, Bulgarian consumers also have quick and easy access to such bars, made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

The goal: to offer the best of everything

Yes, there are bars that have more protein than ours (40-50%), but they are not as tasty.
Yes, there are bars that are sweeter than ours, but they are not as healthy.
Our goal was not to create the highest-protein bar. We wanted to create the most balanced bar that offers the best of everything. Delicious, high protein, healthy, with natural ingredients, no nasty additives. We think we’ve done it and they’re worth a try!

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