The passion for healthy eating and active lifestyle is behind the idea of creating Active Choice – protein products that are produced in Bulgaria from the highest quality raw materials and according to our own, specially developed recipes. But this passion alone is not enough to turn the idea into reality. You also need a lot of knowledge, extensive experience, highly qualified specialists, modern equipment and technology, strong motivation and a desire to offer something better than what is already on the market. The founders of Active Choice had all this when they decided to take the important first step, thanks to the successful business they have been running for years.


Parent company

Behind the Active Choice brand stand the owners of one of the largest Bulgarian ice cream companies – “Sladolledena Fabrika” Ltd., operating with the well-known brand “Denny”. The combination of proven professionalism and a personal attitude towards a healthy lifestyle led to the emergence of Active Choice: a company to produce healthy sports foods for connoisseurs, following the basic principle of its parent company: the best quality at the best possible price. They have their own factory and a wealth of experience to apply to the creation of the chocolate coating of protein bars, liquid chocolates and proteins.


The first products – Active Choice protein bars

The first products they target are protein bars. The choice is not random: they themselves like this useful and functional food, but are not satisfied with what has been offered on the market so far. “Most protein bars on the market are nothing more than simple wafers with added protein. They contain almost as much sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, hydrogenated fats and harmful sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame, sucralose) as regular wafers. Other than that, everything had the texture of sand or rubber. This puzzled us. That’s why we created our own recipes,” says Alexander Tsvetanov, part of the Active Choice team since the beginning of the company. They entrust the recipes to technologists with over 25 years of experience in the food industry and rely on the best and healthiest possible ingredients: nuts, dried fruit, fiber, premium protein and stevia.

Active Choice Protein Bars
Active Choice protein bars use the best and healthiest ingredients possible.

Constant improvement of Active Choice protein bars

Achieving the desired results is not a quick and easy process. Protein bars Active Choice are the subject of 6 years of development, a lot of work, failures, experiments, recipes and experience. “And we never stop improving them. Even new batches of existing products regularly receive upgrades. We find the tastiest nuts, the best technology, the best dried fruit and they go straight into production in place of the old ones.” They apply this principle in all three major series of protein bars the brand offers today:

  • For
    (60g) Designed for people who follow strict diets. This series is very low in carbohydrates and very high in protein.

  • Taste
    (70g) Cocoa coated bars with a focus on taste. Dried fruits and other natural ingredients are used for the best taste.

  • Diet
    (50g) With reduced calories, a base of raw almond kernels and as much dried fruit as possible.


Creamella protein creams

After Active Choice protein bars, the development of protein creams began. The idea is to create a healthy liquid chocolate that does not differ in taste and texture from standard ones. Thus Creamella was born – a highly successful product without analogue, now available in four varieties. The balanced and fine cream is sugar-free, palm oil-free, with 20% premium protein, two types of cocoa and prebiotic fibre.

Creamella Protein Cream by Active Choice
Creamella protein creams are fast establishing themselves as a highly successful product.

Online shop

The excellent qualities and indisputable advantages of Active Choice protein products are appreciated abroad – currently the company exports to England, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Serbia, etc. And connoisseurs of healthy foods in Bulgaria can take advantage of the unique opportunity to receive protein products directly from the manufacturerby shopping from the company’s online store The elimination of intermediaries ensures best value for money, the freshest products and the indispensable direct link between consumer and producer.