The latest and highly successful addition to the Active Choice range of products is our
CREAMELLA protein cream
. Guided by the principle to offer our customers only products that we ourselves enjoy eating, we came up with the idea to create a healthy liquid chocolate that is indistinguishable from standard ones. Because, let’s face it, liquid chocolate is a temptation that’s hard to resist! Instead of suffering by depriving ourselves of it for the sake of our health and fitness, we decided to make a healthy alternative that brings us the same pleasure, but without the remorse when we reach for the jar.

We can proudly and happily say that we have achieved this because CREAMELLA is a very balanced product, with a great texture and taste and without the feeling of being something with sweeteners or “without sugar”. It is no coincidence that CREAMELLA has quickly established itself as one of our most successful products and is now available in four variants – cocoa protein cream, cocoa protein cream with hazelnuts, white protein cream and peanut protein cream with caramel.


What are the benefits of our CREAMELLA protein cream

Apart from its taste and texture being no different from traditional liquid chocolates, CREAMELLA has many advantages that make it the better and healthier choice. Here are the most important of them:

No added sugar

To create a product with a low glycemic index and lower calories, it was important to avoid sugar. We chose maltitol and stevia as this allows us to achieve the most natural sweetness without the bitterness of using too much stevia. The product contains only natural sugars (lactose) present in the whole milk powder used. It gives CREAMELLA its characteristic rich and deep flavour.


Adding protein to a total content of 20% gives the best balance between taste and functionality. The products can be made with even more protein, but this would harm the taste and texture. We use only premium Dutch proteins from DMV Friesland Kampina. In this case, the common whey concentrate.


In CREAMELLA cocoa flavours we use not one but two types of cocoa, because each has different characteristics. One imparts aroma, the other density and color. The two types of cocoa thus complement each other and allow us to create a unique and characteristic CREAMELLA taste.


On top of everything, CREAMELLA also has a high prebiotic fiber content. This further aids in the low caloric value and easy absorption of nutrients.

Without palm oil

Palm oil is one of the biggest contributors to rainforest destruction. In order for our products to be healthy not only for us, but for the planet, we chose not to use it in this product.

Glass packaging

We also chose the more expensive but more environmentally friendly glass packaging instead of plastic. It can easily be reused or recycled. The label is also made of paper and is as environmentally friendly as possible.


The four flavours of CREAMELLA

Just a few months after we created the first CREAMELLA protein cream, you can now try it in four different flavours, according to your personal preferences. In addition to the traditional cocoa flavour and the popular liquid chocolates cocoa flavour with hazelnuts, we have added a variant for white chocolate lovers. Recently, we introduced a fourth flavor: protein peanut butter with caramel, which is already successfully competing with the other varieties of the delicious and healthy CREAMELLA protein cream.

Cocoa protein cream CREAMELLA Classic
Cocoa protein cream CREAMELLA Classic


Cocoa protein cream with hazelnuts CREAMELLA Premium
Cocoa protein cream with hazelnuts CREAMELLA Premium


White milk protein cream CREAMELLA White


Peanut protein cream CREAMELLA Caramel Peanuts
Peanut protein cream CREAMELLA Caramel Peanuts

Pancakes new best friend

It is not difficult to include protein cream in your menu. Of course, you can eat it directly from the jar with a spoon – you have already imagined the incomparable pleasure, right? Your favorite CREAMELLA flavor will also be the new best friend of the pancakes you make with your favorite recipes, protein or other healthy ingredients. It is also a perfect addition to all the delicious and healthy desserts that make your everyday life even more enjoyable.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into the development of CREAMELLA and are proud of the result. Many of you have already rated them extremely highly, and that gives us confidence that we are on the right track. We have prepared more flavours and surprises from CREAMELLA and we hope you will like them. Of course, as always, your feedback is important to you, so we look forward to hearing from you when you try our protein cream and protein chocolate!