At Active Choice we believe in achieving the best possible value for money. We believe in a direct relationship with our clients, transparency and a personal touch.

We use the highest quality raw materials we know and still offer our products at low prices. Sounds impossible. How does this happen?

A very good and topical question indeed. We will tell you.

The problem with trade right now.

As you well know, most people buy the products they need from chain stores (supermarkets or online stores). These companies are traders, they make money by buying from us (the manufacturers) or in most cases from other traders (distributors) and selling in their stores at a certain mark-up.

The path of most products to the customer looks like this.

You can guess for yourself that everyone in the chain has to earn something and puts a mark-up accordingly. Thus, an item that the manufacturer sells at 5 leva can cost up to 15 leva when it is on the shelf of the store. The customer pays 15 leva to buy something worth 5 leva. We pay 10 leva more just for the convenience of finding it in a store near us.

On top of that, retailers are constantly pushing manufacturers for more discounts. And when a manufacturer can’t give any more discount, they start raising the price to afford it. And that increase in price is ultimately passed on to the customer.

You can see how working with too many retailers, chains, distributors and other middlemen actually makes the products we buy more expensive. And that is why we, the end users, are paying.

And online stores?

Most online stores are also just merchants. They offer many brands and many products bought from different manufacturers and accordingly have to put a mark-up on them to make a profit. That is, the products in such stores also become more expensive. The only way to buy a certain product at the best price is directly from the manufacturer.

Our solution. In the interest of the client.

In this regard, we at Active Choice have made a key decision. As many of you know, we manufacture in our own factory all the products we offer. And we want to offer them directly to you. No middlemen, no unnecessary cheapening. This is how we are able to offer such high quality at such good prices.

Bars that would cost more than 3.50lv in retail chains, you can buy directly from us at 2lv., because there is no need to have intermediaries between us.

In addition, by buying directly from our online shop you always get the freshest possible products, not those stagnating in warehouses. From the production line directly to your door.

Additionally in this way we can always communicate directly with you. This way your recommendations, wishes and suggestions have the best chance of being implemented. And when a problem arises, we can always solve it as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, this solution is better for nature. By shipping direct, we reduce unnecessary logistics and thus reduce excess carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition.

We take pride in our products and would never sell something we don’t consume ourselves. We eat from our own products, experiment, create new ones, improve them, that’s our passion. We boldly claim that there are no better value for money bars on the Bulgarian market.

Making the decision to move away from traditional distribution wasn’t easy for us, but ultimately we’re doing it in the best interest of the consumer. Yes, shopping from an online store isn’t always convenient and fast, but it does allow us to offer great quality at a great price. And yet delivery is to the door, and stores can’t do that J.

Thank you for being our customers, be healthy, exercise and make the active choice!

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