Yes, you guessed right, we will open the topic of New Year’s promises. Before you’re like, “Oh, you did too!”, we promise we won’t bore you with meaningless motivational messages and impossible goals. On the contrary, we’ll make you realize how lacking in motivation you are and how you neglect yourself.

You read that right. We may have caught a harsh tone, but we promise we’ll clarify. We have to admit that it is very difficult to keep promises that concern ourselves. Seemingly, many people lead an active lifestyle and eat well. The truth is , very often the “motivation” to do something for ourselves comes from a desire to please someone else and we end up not being very satisfied.

Half wants to ski. Great, only you are very lazy and cold. You’ll go, you’ll sniffle, you’ll grumble that the temperatures are freezing, you’ll refuse to put on sunscreen and you’ll burn out on sunglasses. After all, you upload a photo on social networks with the description “best day ever”. And you continue to grumble.

Going to a restaurant with the company. A friend proudly declares that she has gone vegan. It’s not enough for you that you have a gluten intolerance, given that she will now have more reasons to grumble as she looks around the menu. You become vegan too. Mecca – the Christmas holidays are in full swing and you’re desperately searching for a soy sausage substitute. Neither steak, nor pizza, nor pie…

You see what we’re trying to imply, right…. It’s in that vein that we have a short list of (selfish) promises to make to yourself for the new year 2019:

1. I won’t go out if I don’t feel like going out. Plain and simple. We know you’re scared of missing out on some damn interesting friend gathering. However, if you’re enjoying yourself at home and rather don’t feel like going out – there’s a reason. Listen to yourself. To get even, you can organize the next outing, with suggestions for location, music, cocktails, etc.

2. I will stop dieting. It doesn’t matter if it’s trendy, someone else in the company or office is on a diet or you just read about some new trend. Accept that living healthy does not mean dieting. Neither is a trend to flaunt in front of others, with an eager look of approval.

If you do decide to go on a diet there is a way to do it and still eat delicious things. These are the fruits, dark chocolate or protein bars of Active Choice. All three are delicious, natural and fit into any regimen. We’ll admit that we eat them even if we’re not dieting because they’re just so delicious. We also show selfishness because they are very hard to share!

3. I will do sports because I enjoy it. Don’t go to the gym if you don’t like it. Don’t go running if you don’t like it. Whether it’s trendy or sculpting an amazing figure, choose a sport that gives you real pleasure. After all, we have less and less time. Make sure it’s fun and enjoyable, even if your choice of sport turns out to be chess.

4. I will live for the moment. There was no way without a cliché. This promise relates to the example of the half and ski. It’s inexplicable how we can be left with great memories from crappy and annoying situations. Enjoy the moment, think about the positives of the situation. You have free time, you’re out with your mate. Some tourist falls three times in a row and can’t get up, laugh a little on someone else’s back. And get some sunscreen.

At Active Choice, we’re human too, and we want to take a break over the holidays by listening to our own advice. We invite you to do the same. Take an extra day off and spend an hour of it thinking selfish New Year’s resolutions.

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